June 27, 2018

A clean slate

McLean County inmates got their hands dirty getting some local cars clean on Friday, serving as volunteers in a fundraiser for the local resource center.
A handful of inmates washed around 20 vehicles Friday afternoon during the first of potentially several fundraiser car washes held this summer. Proceeds from the free-will donation event, estimated at $200, will go to the McLean Family Resource Center, which is opening a new building this summer.
The car washing station was set up at the front of the law enforcement center on the corner of Seventh Street and Sixth Avenue. Inmates, donning bright orange jumpsuits, were supervised by jail staff as they sprayed down, scrubbed, rinsed and dried over a dozen vehicles that came through the car wash.
Lieutenant Anna Six of the McLean County jail said not all inmates were able to serve as volunteers, and that those wanting to wash cars needed to prove themselves ahead of time. Six said the inmates don’t get “good time” or any community service hours for working at the car wash, but the event offers a special incentive for some.

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