September 27, 2017

A crash course in disc golf

Residents got a chance to try out the upgraded disc golf course at Riverside Park this weekend, during one of several events hosted by the Washburn Lions Saturday.
Andrew Zoller, owner of Rock 30 games in Bismarck, was on site Saturday at Riverside Park, leading a disc golf clinic for all ages. Zoller explained to attendees the ABCs of disc golf, including the importance of choosing the right tool for each throw.
“You have distance drivers, mid-range drivers and putters,” Zoller said. “You can tell by the thickness of the discs.”
Zoller said the distance drivers are thinner and more aerodynamic, so they are best for long shots. But putters, which are thicker in comparison, are best for close-range shots that rely on accuracy.
But even with the right kind of disc, getting to the hole can be a challenge if form isn’t quite right, Zoller said. He demonstrated several types of throws, including some overhand variations that curve the disc during flight, and explained the importance of having the right grip.

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