July 26, 2017

A future in good hands

As kids rode their bikes through town and splashed in a pool nearby, a group of high school students were spending the hot summer afternoon indoors, at the ready.
Seven students worked inside the ambulance bay for several hours Tuesday, training in skills necessary for their volunteer work on the squad. The local high schoolers practiced with dummies to earn their first aid, CPR and AED certification, in hopes of being better first responders.
“It’s something I enjoy - helping people in the community and giving back to those who have done a lot for our community,” volunteer Jack Sannes said. “It’s a small portion of what I can help with and give back.”
Sannes, a sophomore at Washburn High School, said EMTs and emergency responders have been role models for him since he was young, and that being part of the ambulance squad is fulfilling one of his oldest dreams.
“I’ve always wanted to do it since I was a little boy,” Sannes said. “It’s always been a dream.
Sannes said he and the other high schoolers have already gone on a large number of ambulance runs this summer, and the training would help them be more effective, whether it is in tending to patients or filling out paperwork.

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