August 10, 2016

A garden of memories


"Those angels are from my mom,” Suzanne Richards says, pointing at cherub statues in her and her husband’s back yard in Washburn.
The Richards’ yard, which was selected as this week’s Washburn Study Club Yard of the Week, is filled with links to the couple’s past. There is a wooden wheel in one garden bed that Suzanne fished out of a shore with her grandson, and molds of tiny handprints resting on one rockbed.
Even some of the yard projects have been influenced by Suzanne and Steve’s grandchildren.
“I initially only did this as a half moon,” Suzanne says of a rockbed surrounding one tree in the yard that one grandson used as a track for his toy trains. “It was only a matter of time before, ‘Nana, where’s the rest of my train tracks?’”
Suzanne said she added another half moon to the existing one, leaving a circle of retaining wall blocks for the little conductor to play on.

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