October 16, 2008

A royal triangle

By Danielle Abbott

A little chilly weather and cold rain could not stop the Washburn community from showing their support of the Washburn Cardinals. Homecoming week began on Thursday Oct. 2 and continued through Friday night. Announcing the homecoming king and queen candidates on Thursday kicked off the week’s events. Monday through Friday allowed students to dress up in wacky and unconventional costumes and decorate the school with red and black pride. The week of festivities led to Friday’s fun-filled day of events. The Washburn High School cheerleaders opened the pep rally on Friday afternoon, entertaining students and teachers from all grades. After some energetic cheers, athletes were recognized, as the junior high volleyball, high school volleyball, football and cross country teams were asked to take the floor. Other fun activities of the rally included a relay race and obstacle course. Students were randomly selected from all grades to participate in a three-legged race, a race while carrying a grapefruit between two students’ backs, throwing a football, and digging for worms in whipped cream.


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