March 18, 2010

A song for the crowds

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Before every flip of the coin, toss of the ball or drop of the puck there’s an important step that has to take place at a state high school event. Someone has to perform the national anthem. With any luck they know what they are doing. One thing is sure. Brittan Grubb, a fourth-grade student from Washburn, has the song memorized. She may not have a contract with a major recording studio, but Brittan has made quite a name for herself in North Dakota singing for the crowds. Whether it’s a heartfelt tune at her grandparents’ anniversary party, a soulful song for church worship service or a powerful performance at the the local demolition derby, Brittan has had her fair share of solos at the age of 10. Though people may not come specifically for her songs, they never forget that little voice that sang just for them. The powerful and variable tone that comes from her small frame are a surprise at first. But don’t let it fool you.

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