June 16, 2011

Added releases slowly rising river levels in area

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Early indicators showed that Washburn and Hensler homes would be quite flooded at this point but as of press time, water was holding just below the brim of the bank for much of the area and releases were just under 140,000 cubic feet per second. Some isolated areas like Carvell Lane residents are starting to see water rising up their lawns toward their homes. The Headwaters Visitor Center by Fort Mandan has water up to the first row of sandbags on their 9 foot berm. The water has flowed in from the Western 4-H side and is pooling up next to the building. In Washburn, the city maintenance staff has built a large dirt and rock dike around the pump house, which is situated right on the road to the boat ramp. The fear was that if that were to go under water, the city would have to set up another pumping system to maintain water in the city.

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