March 16, 2016

Addition made to 2016 Street Project


A slight change was made to the 2016 Washburn Street Improvement Project by means of an addition at the City Commission meeting on March 8.

Jasper Klein with AE2S Engineering said The McLean Family Resource Center is making plans for a new building and is looking to add a parking area on Seventh Street.

"Is this something we want on the 2016 street project?" Klein asked the commission.

"If we’re gonna do it, might as well do it right, instead of tearing stuff up after the fact," Commissioner Keith Jacobson said, saying it would be easier to do the construction all at once.

The parking lot is meant to be for employees and visitors, and is being constructed only for the Resource Center, so cost would not fall to Washburn residents.

"It would be entirely up to them to pay this cost." President of the Commission Larry Thomas said of the Resource Center.

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