March 4, 2010

After 30 years Wilton Principal Norris will retire

By Michael Johnson, Editor

When he first got into the education field, Roger Norris was 24 years old and looking to shape the minds of the future. Little did he know that he would have the guidance skills to be a principal for 34 years. He spent 30 of those years at Wilton Public School and he is enjoying his last year in the position. At his door are five words that are supposed to describe him. He and the other teachers took a quiz to determine what their words are. Harmony, consistency, learner, maximizer and context are Norris’. But his friend and co-worker, Superintendent Craig Johnson, has another word for him. "Roger’s just a good guy," Johnson said. Norris walked the halls on Monday morning preparing for a lock-down drill at the school. When the alarm sounds he takes it in stride.

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