February 15, 2017

Ammo donated to Sheriff’s off.

In an effort to show his continued support for local law enforcement, a Garrison man donated over a thousand rounds of ammunition last week.
“I just want to help these folks out the best I can, I really do,” Frank Blizard said over the phone last week. Blizzard donated a box of 1200 rounds of .223 rifle ammo to the McLean County Sheriff’s Department on Feb. 7 and said there is more coming soon.
“I got some specific types of targets for when they go to the shooting range and gun cleaning tools,” Blizard said. “And there’s a few other surprises for them.”
Blizard, who moved to North Dakota from the East Coast after September 11, 2001, said giving back whenever possible was simply who he was.
“I was living there when 9/11 happened, and it was more than heartbreaking. All I could see for the next two weeks was smoke,” Blizard said. “But I was fortunate or unfortunate enough to be able to haul semi loads of water in to help in the recovery.”

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