November 16, 2011

Answering the call

By Michael Johnson, Editor

You see him zipping up and down the streets of Washburn in his K&D Services work truck. He’s probably knocked on your door and worked on your furnace. You know him as Keith Due, the fix-it man. Did you know he’s now an ordained minister? “I’m still the guy in the dirty hat and the stained jeans,” Due said humbly. After devoting about 50 weekends along with some five-day retreats, Due has gone though the entire process to become an ordained minister. It took Due five years to complete the work and his church family at St. Edwin’s Catholic Church is extremely proud of the work he has put in to serve. “It was very good, great training,” Due said. But Due said it was not such a sacrifice. It was the most rewarding thing he has been a a part of. His wife, Diane, was there alongside him through virtually every step of the way. Now that Due is ordained, he has the faculties to perform funerals, marriages and baptisms. He is not able to consecrate the Eucharist or hear confessions.

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