June 18, 2014

Asbestos abatement underway

By Cheryl McCormack

The asbestos abatement, in conjunction with ESG’s energy improvement project, is costing the Washburn School District $550 per day to complete.

Superintendent Brad Rinas said, "Whoever was supposed to look at the asbestos report (from ESG) didn’t do it, and now we have to deal with the costs. We’ve had to take extra steps and be extra careful.

"We knew we were going to have asbestos. It’s unfortunate no one from ESG bothered to look at the costs and include the amount in our first estimate."

ESG recommends removing the asbestos by "cutting a continuous channel down the hall, increasing the cost of the abatement by $10,000."

The additional cost of the channel would be paid for by ESG.

Rinas said he thinks the company is "afraid of having to come back and open things up, again.

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