April 9, 2014

Bessy’s Best keeps dairy farming alive

By Kristine Kostuck
BHG News

In the 1980s there were more than 5,000 family dairy farms in North Dakota. After 30 years, that number dropped to below 100. There is no question that the family dairy farm is a dying thing, but one family from Sterling is staying strong.

It has weathered cold winters, hundreds of cows and three generations of family. The Goetz farm is home to 100 cows, grandchildren and Kathy and Blaine Goetz. All of which make Bessy’s Best possible.

Known for their all-natural whole milk with their cow-stamped label, Bessy’s Best is sold at regional grocery stores.

"We sell mostly around here, but we go as far as Dickinson," said Bessy’s Best owner, Blaine Goetz. Goetz and his wife started the business six years ago and have watched it expand.

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