August 8, 2012

Bid accepted to replace Wilton city shop floor

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Wilton City Commissioners graded their first trailer house during the last regular meeting. In the past the commission has struggled to determine what condition of home to allow to move into the city. Now they have a sheet to grade each structure based on pictures provided by the home owner. It’s still not a very easy task. “It’s really hard to grade it,” Mayor Ron Peck said. Grading includes looking at photos to determine how good of condition the siding, steps, roofing and exterior as a whole looks. They have not required a photo of the inside of the mobile home. Age of the home is a factor as much as condition. The planning and zoning board looked at the mobile home first and they gave it a 3.4 out of 5. After the commission added everything up they only gave it a 2.85. It would not qualify if under a 3. They decided that they needed more information on some of the building so they gave the owner a call during their meeting and asked about the age of the windows, roof and the shape of the porch. After hearing that much of the problem areas would be replaced, commissioners were in favor of approving the home. The home owner was then instructed to get a moving permit to bring it into town.

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