June 11, 2014

Birds will be singing

By Cheryl McCormack

A meadowlark, resting high in a cottonwood tree, proudly sings out a joyful tune.

An eagle soars above and below the branches of the towering trees, hunting for its next meal.

The species of birds that call the cottonwood trees their home haven’t the slightest idea their forest is in jeopardy of extinction.

Luckily, revival of the cottonwoods is in the works.

Cross Ranch State Park, located 12 miles southeast of Hensler, is the site of a major cottonwood regeneration project, well-received by many local chapters with a love for the great outdoors.

Crews have spent the first week of June planting 4,000 trees, approximately 32,000 linear feet, in a stretch of the park once planted to sunflowers.

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