March 15, 2017

Board approves project bids

The Washburn School board has approved bids for two separate concrete project bids to be completed around the school this summer.
“We had discussed a couple of different projects that entailed having concrete - for the playground and for the sidewalk,” Board member Kelly Schatz-Jennings said at Monday’s meeting.
While debating earlier this year how much of the work the school could realistically afford to do, the board asked Great River Energy to donate concrete, which it has in the past.
“We did get notified that we were awarded a donation of concrete up to 260 cubic yards,” Schatz-Jennings said. School superintendent Brad Rinas had said previously that replacing the surface of the playground was estimated to require about 260 cubic yards of concrete, while sidewalk work was estimated at 130 cubic yards.
With the donation, Schatz-Jennings said the school would be able to complete both projects and still have money in the facilities budget.
The board discussed the lowest bid for the playground work, which was from Unlimited Excavating.

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