March 1, 2017

Board mulls Wilton-Wing prom

As planning for this year’s prom gets into full swing, the Wilton School Board turned to students for feedback on the event they share with Wing.
“Sometimes Wing will bring a sign that says ‘Wing-Wilton prom, but they don’t pay anything or help out,” Wilton School Board member Bill Harris said to some senior girls attending the Feb. 15 board meeting.
Harris asked the seniors how they felt about having another school take part in an event that Wilton School puts together.
“They don’t give us any money and it’s coming out of your pockets as far as your student funds,” Harris said.
The girls stated that it didn’t bother them to share the event, but they felt is was unfair that they don’t have any help planning or funding it. The students said unless Wing paid part of the cost of prom, the school shouldn’t have their name on anything regarding the event.

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