November 25, 2010

Board weighs pros and cons of grass infield

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

With the winter season looming on the horizon, the Washburn school board met for their regular meeting on November 15. One of the big topics on the agenda had the board looking ahead to warmer spring weather and the baseball season. Rick Tweeten for the board’s facility committee reported on the bids received for putting in a grass infield on the school’s baseball field. The independent community project headed by Todd Schreiner that aims for the planting of the infield is going through the school for approval. "One of their big pushes is that they need a grass infield to host tournaments," said Tweeten. Most of the questions raised by the board members concerned the maintenance and upkeep of an upgraded infield. "Extra mowing, edging, sprinkler upkeep are my concerns," said Tweeten. "The Legion has been very supportive of our baseball program in the past, but I’m not willing to sacrifice our high school baseball season just so this stuff can get installed for next year."

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