May 10, 2017

Building hope

The raised gardens at Primrose Retirement Community were in a state of decay earlier this spring, and along with them, the residents’ hopes for one of their favorite summer hobbies.
“Residents were worried that they wouldn’t be able to garden this summer,” Executive Director Tonie Lagodinski said. “That’s one of their big activities and they look forward to it every year.”
Lagodinski said she knew something had to be done about the two rotting garden beds at Primrose, and started looking for help.
“I called over to the Wilton school and asked if they had a group that would be willing to pitch in replacing the beds,” Lagodinski said.
Vo-ag teacher Carissa Steinert reached out soon after, offering to have her horticulture class pitch in.
“I felt that this would be a fitting project for Horticulture class, because in horticulture we don't just learn about plants. We learn about floral design, careers in horticulture, and different types and ways of gardening,” Steinert said. “What better way for them to truly understand what that means than to have them build two raised bed planters for Primrose?”

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