October 25, 2017

Building inspiration

In honor of their 40th year in business, Washburn’s Wagon Wheel Lumber and Hardware has opened up a completely remodeled design center -- and a world of possibilities.
“We totally redid our showroom,” interior and cabinet design specialist Sue Doerr said. “We’re calling it our design center.”
Doerr said the remodel, which started in the spring and finished at the end of the summer, aimed at opening up and optimizing Wagon Wheel’s showroom. A space that used to be crammed with samples was given some breathing room, and some space-efficient features.
“It’s more customer friendly now,” Doerr said. “It helps us make the customer more comfortable and to give them inspiration.”
The new design center features upgraded cabinet displays, flooring, sinks, doors and more, with pull-out, pull-down and turn-table displays making it easy for visitors to explore their options. And if customers are looking for some insight or assistance, sales associates are there to guide the way.
Doerr said the sales staff keeps up on recent trends and ongoing patterns seen in interior design, in an effort to help customers create their ideal space. She said growing technology and social media has changed the game when it comes to working with customers and planning remodels.

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