November 28, 2012

Buyers misinformed on property setbacks

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Jim and Marcie Felt, recent buyers of lots in the High Park North addition in Wilton, heard they would have to change their measurements on Wednesday night. They attended the most recent city commission meeting where they found out that they were not following an amended setback requirement. The Felts attended trying to get approval for a moving permit to move a home into the High Park North Addition. The permit was approved by the planning and zoning board, but the commission saw that the home would not fit into the setbacks. An amendment to a covenant changed the setback requirement from six feet on each side to 10 feet. The Felts were shown the original covenant by the realtor, which showed the six-foot setback. That’s how they chose their home for the lot. Unfortunately, they had to change the house size in order to fit it into 10 foot setbacks. Commissioner Dave Herner explained that he had a similar problem in getting a home constructed on the lots that would be large enough and still fit into the setbacks.  He informed them that the size they had chosen was too large.

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