December 18, 2012

Christmas gifts remembered

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Christmas is a time to gather with family for storytelling about those holidays from years ago. It’s a time to make new memories with the ones we love. It’s also a date known for the giving of gifts. Do you remember your favorite toy? What made the toy so memorable? Here are a few memories and words of advice from Washburn locals about their most memorable gifts and the lessons they’ve learned. Most memorable gift received: Leilani Olafson got a Bionic Woman and a blowup dome doll house that made her day. Susan Sjaastad said it was a transistor radio that she received in the fourth grade.  Shayla Sinclair was given a blue velvet and white tulle dress to wear to the Christmas concert. “It was expensive so it was a rare surprise,” she said. Cathy Clark received a collage of all her eight brothers and sisters when they were younger. Deb Torkelson asked for and received a Santa with shiny black boots. Her mother shared this about the gift.

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