December 23, 2010

City accepts deeded land near Enerbase

By Michael Johnson, Editor

With recent work done at Enerbase, the North Dakota Department of Transportation asked if the City would like a portion of the street along Cenex deeded to them in order to square off the section in place. The property would include a 142 by 125-foot section of land along the street next to the gas station. It did not include property all the way to the stop sign. "I don’t see why we wouldn’t," Commissioner Derek Laning said. "We take care of it already." All commissioners were well aware that the street was in poor condition and would need fixing. Commissioner Duane Bauer said the truck traffic is going to increase on that street. Laning said if it’s going to be fixed it would have to be fixed all the way to the stop sign or their section of road would be damaged quickly. "It will be a major replacement," Bauer said. City engineer Dave Thompson said a fix from the stop sign up would likely be to use concrete instead of asphalt. The spot is currently used heavily for truck traffic and is badly deteriorating. Commissioner Ray Hager said if it’s the city’s, then they can  assess Enerbase the cost when they fix it.

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