February 5, 2009

City approves free sewer and water for new residents

By Danielle Abbott

WAEDA’s recent interest in creating incentive packages could be the defining element in swaying new residents to the Washburn community. Towns throughout North Dakota create these packages, offering new homeowners and home builders in the area numerous enticements from local businesses and services. WAEDA representative Donna Sommer approached the Washburn City Commission on Jan. 12 and requested a donation from the city. At this time, commissioners were absent, and Commissioner Ray Hager requested that Sommer attend the following meeting, when the entire commission could make the decision. Sommer returned on Jan. 26 and once again approached the city commission, requesting the city’s help with completing the incentive package. "We are proposing to put together a housing incentive package, where people moving to Washburn building or buying a home would be offered this package," Sommer said to the commission. WAEDA already has confirmed package items including a season family pool pass, a season family golf pass, a free tree, and $100 Washburn Bucks donated by WAEDA, which will be matched by the Civic Club. There have been verbal commitments, but nothing formally determined from Otter Tail, Midco, Waste Management and West River, which are all interested in donating services.

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