September 28, 2016

City approves nonexistent permit

The Washburn City Commission approved a Special Use permit on Sept. 12, supposedly granting permission for a go-kart track to operate on three different days in October.
But according to Washburn Planning and Zoning Ordinance and the City, no such permit exists.
“To my knowledge, there is no Special Use permit,” City Auditor Joan Zimmerman said.
A motion was made and approved by four commissioners during the Sept. 12 meeting, giving consent to Bill Matthews and Darrell Scheresky, who had asked to run a go-kart track in town on Oct. 1, 2 and also, either Oct. 15 or 16.
It was pointed out by several commissioners and Zimmerman that the go-kart track, as discussed at previous meetings, was not a permitted use for the area. The commission then explored granting some sort of temporary permit for the three days in order to evaluate reactions from the city and neighbors.
Commissioner Reese Boehm, elected to the commission in June, asked for clarification between the different types of permits.

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