May 20, 2010

City commission: Nothing to discuss about water meters

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The transfer from the old manually read water meters, to the new radio transmitted meters has been flowing fairly smoothly for the city. But there are a few clogs in the system for some residents. The mandate for the new meters went out months ago when the updates to the water treatment plant began. The new bills should be coming out in June. But there’s still a few who have not had the new meters put in, and don’t want them in, either.  Tom Link and Mike Nelson, who are partners in owning the Northview Mobile Home/RV Park, petitioned the city council meeting with their dilemma. They and the other mobile home parks in town were asked to have new water meters installed in 2005 because at the time, Link said, they did not have working meters. They installed the new meter at their own expense of about $4,246. It was an expensive job because of the plumbing needed to taper the four-inch pipe into the water meter. Now with the new mandate, all area homes and businesses are receiving the new water meter for free from the city. And that’s just what commissioner Ray Hager told Link and Nelson when they came to the last city commission meeting.  But Link said he will pay for an adapter on the meter that will make the system compatible with the city’s sensor system. He does not want the city to remove the meter that he said is accurate and can work with the city’s sensor.

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