February 22, 2017

City drafting letter to representatives

As a sign of support, the Washburn City Commission is drafting a letter to representatives urging funding for the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center.
With the State budget taking cuts in almost every area, concern has been rising over the security over the State Park facilities in Washburn.
“Some representative said maybe they should sell the Interpretive Center to a private individual,” Washburn Mayor Larry Thomas said at the Feb. 14 City Commission meeting.
Commissioner Keith Jacobson said this notion was concerning for him, and he would like to take action to show district representatives that the historical facilities were important to the community.
“I’d like to move to have the city office draft a letter that the city of Washburn is fully supportive of the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan,” Jacobson said at the meeting.
District 8 Representative Jeff Delzer, who works on the House Appropriations Committee, said in an email that he anticipates that there will be adequate funding for Fort Mandan and the Interpretive Center.

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