November 30, 2011

City employees not expected to survey property

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Washburn City Commission continues to look over buildings and other structures going up without proper permits. They are trying to determine how they will follow up on residents not abiding by the rules. “It’s getting to the point where fences and houses are going up in the wrong places,” Commissioner Duane Bauer explained. Many of the issues are coming from poor surveying. Some of the concern is coming from the city as residents occasionally ask city employees to survey their property. What they wanted to make clear is that they are not trained to survey property. Dave Thompson of Toman Engineering highly recommended that the city stop surveying people’s property. City deputy auditor Joan Zimmerman said that the time it takes to find pins for some home owners can be costly for the city. Since they are not official surveyors the property dimensions probably shouldn’t be taken for absolute.

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