August 2, 2017

City holds off on signs

Signage prohibiting the use of trucks on some residential roads in town will not be installed as planned after the city commission heard more objections last week.
Renee Bauer again approached the Washburn City Commission during its meeting July 24. Bauer continued to express her concern over the impact of placing “No trucks” signage on 14th and 15th Street in town.
A woman who rents on property Bauer owns drives trucks for work, and Bauer said at the July 10 meeting that the signs would be detrimental to her way of life. Bauer said she understood the commission wanted to protect roads and that she would do whatever it took to find a mutually beneficial solution.
“We are willing to do whatever it takes to make everyone happy,” Bauer said.
Commissioner Reese Boehm questioned the motivation for putting signs on those specific roads.
“Is the root the fact that commercial or heavy vehicles are in residential (neighborhoods), not just this single instance?” Boehm asked. “Should we be looking at the big picture?”

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