June 15, 2016

City looks into track


A large portion of Monday’s city commission was made up of discussion for and against a possible go-kart track in Washburn.

First discussed at a Planning and Zoning committee meeting on June 6, a proposed go-kart track business in town faced much criticism by the public on Monday.

"I’m shocked and appalled these men, city commission and planning and zoning would even consider this," Hank Helm said in an open letter to the city commission. The letter, which strongly opposed the track, was read aloud at the meeting.

An asphalt pad was built recently on the property of Darrell Scheresky as part of a plan by Scheresky and Bill Matthews to start a new business in town.

"We want this to bring new jobs to the city as well as a new attraction to the city and local communities," Matthews said.

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