July 8, 2015

City of Wilton restricts access to landfill

By Cheryl McCormack

The North Dakota Department of Health recently conducted an inspection at the Wilton landfill and found waste products that should not have been there, including electronics and propane bottles. "We did not get fined this time, but there is a possibility of fines in the future," Auditor Pattie Solberg said. "From now on, there will be no coming to the office to get the key."

Citizens will only have access to the landfill Tuesday and Thursday evenings between the hours of 5 - 8 p.m. when an attendant is on-site. Mayor LeAnn Domonoske-Kellar said, "The question is, do we want to continue running the landfill like we are or open it up another evening?" Commissioner Lisa Hedstrom said, "The current times don’t work for everybody in the world." No further discussion took place and the landfill’s hours were not extended.

Commissioners approved a $5,700 remedy for the scum on Wilton’s pond; $4,200 combined for chemicals and an aerator and $1,500 for labor. The city learned a chemical treatment alone (without an aerator) would not be efficient, as the chemicals would follow the current to the culvert, exiting the pond. Commissioners said they believe an aerator will help deter mosquitoes and eliminate scum buildup on the bottom of the pond, as well. A date for the project has not been set.

Commissioners also approved repairs to a sewer line at Brad and Lisa Nielsen’s new home construction site, located at the intersection of Whitman Avenue and Sixth Street. The city will be responsible for repairs from the sewer main to the Nielsens’ curbstop; the Nielsens will be responsible for repairs from the curbstop to their house.

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