July 22, 2010

City plans for streets, future trial

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Washburn city commissioners discussed issues in all of the commissioners portfolios including street improvements and a future trial. Commissioner Derek Laning brought up chipping and sealing of the three road improvement projects that have taken place. The cost for the chip seal project came to about $75,000. He recommended it be paid for using one cent sales tax money. Commissioner Ray Hager questioned why the chip seal cost wasn’t part of the original bid because every street project eventually needs to be chip sealed. "I just assumed, but I won’t assume the next time," Hager said. "I guess I always consider a chip seal maintenance of your street," Dave Thompson of Toman Engineering said. "Again we have no problem including a chip seal on the next project. My guess is it would probably be about the same as if we bid it separately," Thompson said.

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