May 22, 2013

City plans to buy old lumberyard

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Commissioners Derek Laning and Duane Bauer approved the purchase of the old lumberyard building and property from the Johnson family for $20,000 at the last regular commission meeting. Commissioners Brent Barnick and Kit Baumann were not present. Commissioner Dewayne Moran voted against the motion, saying that they should find a way to condemn the building rather than pay that much for it. Because this required an appropriation of funding, the motion was not approved with only two commissioners in favor. The commissioners will all have a chance to vote on the item at their next meeting. Laning noted that it was not about buying the building for $20,000, but more about buying the property for $20,000, with the intent of selling the space for useable commercial property. Property owner Dave Peyer, who was present at the meeting, asked commissioners why they would pay that much for the property considering the cost that it might take to demolish and clean up the site.

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