March 18, 2010

City signs will stay on poles a little longer

By Michael Johnson, Editor

City of Washburn commissioners are in no hurry to remove city signs from Otter Tail Power telephone poles after a meeting with a representative from Otter Tail Power on March 8. City commissioners met with representative Ron Montonye and discussed a request to remove the signs from Otter Tail’s poles after a request was mailed to the city Jan. 4. The request came because of the safety for Otter Tail Power workers who may need to climb the poles for maintenance. "We recognize that if someone has to climb a pole it could be dangerous," Montonye said. Commissioner Ray Hager made it clear from the beginning of the meeting that he was not pleased with the way Otter Tail Power handled the situation, stating that the company seemed to single out Washburn over other towns that also use Otter Tail Power poles for signage. "I think we’re being picked on," Hager said.

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