October 22, 2013

City to fill holes after removing trees


   Following an early October snowstorm, the City of Wilton stepped up and decided to remove tree branches from boulevards for residents. The heavy snowfall broke many branches from the trees.

   During the removal, some residents’ property received damage from heavy equipment that was used. The Wilton city commission heard one complaint from a resident with tire tracks in their yard. Commissioners agreed to send black dirt to the site to fill the holes for the resident.

   The cost to remove trees from the city added up to about $6,300.

   Due to the moisture, it would have been very difficult for residents to transport the branches to the city landfill, commissioners said.

   Commissioners also approved requesting funds from the sales and use fund to pay for the cost of tree removal and the cost to repair a water main break at the post office. The request came due to the emergency situations.

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