June 14, 2017

City weighs wifi, security updates

Washburn City Commissioners debated adding wifi to the Memorial Building and upgrading security at City Hall during Monday’s meeting.
A discussion from a meeting last month continued this week as commissioners discussed the pros and cons of providing wifi at the Washburn Memorial Building.
Deputy Auditor Sharon Hendrikson said she had researched various bundle prices, with the cheapest running the city a few cents short of $60 per month. Hendrikson said the connection could be made available through the entire building for an extra $10 per month.
Commissioner Keith Jacobson expressed concern over how many people would be able to use the building’s wifi without sacrificing speed.
“The more devices connected, it would be slower,” Hendrikson said.
Hendrikson said there wasn’t a firm number on how many devices would be able to connect before the connection slowed.

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