November 18, 2015

Class raises $500 for shelter


As part of the poverty chapter of their economics class, 16 Wilton students stepped outside of their school and worked both to learn about the less fortunate, and to help them.

Wilton Public Schools Social Studies teacher Courtney Seiler has been working at the school for two years and decided that this year’s economics students would participate in a community project to wrap up the poverty chapter.

"They chose the homeless as their focus (and) to raise money via a bake sale and hat day," Seiler said.

The students came together to volunteer their time and ultimately raised $532.85 during the fundraisers, including a private donation of $100. The money was then donated to Ruth Meier’s Hospitality House in Bismarck.

Seiler said she was impressed by not only the amount of money raised, but by the effort put in by all the students and the generosity of the community.

"I would’ve never thought they would raise over $400," Seiler said. "That just shows what a thoughtful and giving community we have in Wilton."

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