October 15, 2014

Clint Hill’s Homecoming

By Cheryl McCormack

"It’s not every day you get the privilege of shaking someone’s hand, who personally knew John F. Kennedy."

Washburn School Superintendent Brad Rinas introduced former United States Secret Service agent Clint Hill, 82, to upperclassmen and staff in the school’s study hall room, during his recent visit back to his hometown.

Hill knew the area of the school well, as he was a 1950 Washburn High School graduate. "This used to be our study hall...there was a chemistry room over there."

He touched on his days of growing up in the community. "I had a wonderful upbringing in Washburn. I learned to swim in the Missouri River – not by choice, they threw me in," he said with a laugh.

With the intent of becoming a history teacher, Hill later attended Concordia College, Moorhead, Minn., where he studied and played football, leading up to his 1954 graduation.

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