August 28, 2008

Cold weather canít dampen Bellamy Brother concert

Cold weather can’t dampen Bellamy Brother concert
“I don’t mind the cold,” said David Bellamy, “We just played in Colorado and it started to snow.” When the Bellamy Brothers agreed to return to Washburn, they vowed to perform through almost any conditions. That vow was put to the test on Friday when temperatures reached the low 50’s. Though it felt more like late autumn than mid-August, not even the cold weather could stop the band from entertaining their fans. Over 500 people bundled in mittens, hats, winter jackets and blankets packed into Washburn’s 4-H camp. As the crowd was warmed up by the opening acts Quintana and All Aces, when the feature act hit the stage around 9:30 p.m., the cold weather appeared to diminish from the minds of all patrons.
This was the Bellamy Brothers’ second trip to Washburn. They performed here last year and Howard Bellamy said, “It was great. That’s one reason we are coming back.” Both Howard and David Bellamy enjoy playing for more local audiences. The group recently returned from a five-week European tour. They travel overseas twice yearly and Howard Bellamy said, “We go all over the world, we have played in 65 countries over 33 years.”

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