March 14, 2012

Commission: No negotiating on Heritage Heights cost

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The recent interest in lots in the Heritage Heights subdivision meant Washburn City Commissioners had to answer to developers looking to get a deal. Based on a legal opinion, the answer was simple. No price breaks. Commissioners previously tabled items related to selling lots for $10,500 and forgiving specials in the Heritage Heights subdivision. The developer interested, from Paradise Properties, was wondering if the commission would give a counter offer to the prices recommended by a local realtor. The developers were interested in buying most of the lots to build spec homes on them. Commissioner Derek Laning said that there was no lowering of the price. “That's the minimum we can do,” he said. It was the city attorney's recommendation that the commission not forgive any specials, as those are costs that the original developer was unable to cover. Forgiving those simply puts the cost on the other residents of the city. He also commented that it would be unfair to the homeowners that paid for the specials to get the property and build their home.

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