December 21, 2011

Community tree teaches of community service

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Scouts of Washburn are looking to be visible through their service and a good way to let their light shine was by helping to decorate the community Christmas tree last week. The tree was put up by city employees. The group gathered under the tree Monday night with a propane burner warming some water. Scout Master Geremy Olson used the little outing as more than just a chance to hang some lights on a tree. It was a chance to teach some valuable lessons in life. Olson designated certain jobs for each of the boys. Trevor Schreiner was a supervisor who was to stand back and direct the others how to go about setting up the ladder, and taking it back down. Parker Schmidt and Matthew Pleiger were in charge of making sure the light strings were straight and kept attention as help was needed. Daniel Olson kept a watch on the boiling water and kept feeding fresh snow into the pot so they could enjoy hot cocoa later.

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