May 5, 2011

County Courthouse bidders get ready to work

By Michael Johnson, Editor

About 20 contractors assembled in the very garage that will soon be removed to make room for the new McLean County Courthouse last Thursday. The meeting with two county commissioners and the project architect, Al Fitterer, took place in order to answer any questions that the groups had before they placed their bids for the project. The project is in place to replace the current courthouse. The group was made up of general contractors, electrical contractors, excavators, city and county employees all looking to make sure they knew what they were getting into. Fitterer walked them through some basic information and showed off a rendering of what the building will look like when all falls into place. For those interested in the project, Fitterer handed 76 page rolls of blueprints that detailed the project in every detail that has been spoken about since the decision was made for new over a year ago. It included 42 architectural, eight structural, 10 mechanical and 16 electrical drawings.

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