April 16, 2015

County Line Cafe

By Cheryl McCormack

Fiddlestix Restaurant, Wilton, is under new ownership. Stacey Hakanson bought the cafe on March 1 and, almost immediately, threw a sign up on the wall that reads, "County Line Cafe."

"Stan and Muriel (Hintz) were ready to be done," Hakanson said. "The price was right, so I jumped at the opportunity." She said her 12 years of employment at the restaurant was also a contributing factor in her decision: "We're not just a cafe, we're a family."

So how did "Fiddlestix Restaurant" become the "County Line Cafe?" Hakanson explains, "We are located right on the county line, so we thought it would make a good name." The restaurant is located in McLean County, while Robi's Repair – just across the street to the south – calls Burleigh County "home."

Family, friends and community members were asked to suggest names for the "new" restaurant and three different people recommended "County Line Cafe," including Hakanson's husband, Mark. "Now, just about everyone we talk to says, 'Oh, yeah, that makes sense. You're right on the county line,'" she said.

The restaurant employs eight to nine locals at any given time. Hakanson said, "We're a team. We're a family. We work, but we still have fun."

Staying within the realm of family, she said, "We even have nicknames for our regular customers." Almost on cue, the door to the cafe swings open and in walks a gentleman, making his way to what is often referred to as the "community table" – a centrally-located table large enough to accommodate approximately 15 coffee drinkers.

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