November 14, 2012

County recorder requests equipment

By Cheryl Odden, BHG News Service

Beth Knutson, McLean County Recorder, brought several requests before commissioners during the regular commission meeting Nov. 7. Knutson, who has served as recorder for several months, was officially elected to the post during the Nov. 6 General Election. Noting that an employee in her department would be going on maternity leave, Knutson asked commissioners to consider a program that allows employees to work remotely. She said the program, if installed, would also allow her to monitor activity in her department while she attends conferences or is otherwise away from the office. She said cost for installation would be $130-$260. There would also be a monthly fee. Regarding the same employee, Knutson asked commissioners to consider “bring baby to work” accommodations. Commissioners asked Knutson to provide additional information on how other county and/or state offices handled similar requests. She agreed and will present her findings at a future meeting.

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