April 15, 2010

County Social services and Weed and Pest have a new home

By Michael Johnson, Editor

To replace or to restore the McLean County Courthouse is a big decision. But those are not the only options McLean County commissioners are considering at this time, in order to get things back to normal. Commissioners met during their regular meeting April 6 to continue the process of getting the courthouse and all the offices within it ready for some big changes. They outlined the possible options to look into as: 1. Replacing the courthouse with a new building, 2. Restoring the original building, 3. Adding a one-story addition off of the Law Enforcement Center, which would also connect to the 1960s edition of the courthouse, and 4. Adding a three-story addition connected to the 1960s edition. Though much is still in question, commissioners were able to approve social services move from the courthouse to the Sandy Swanson Building, which houses Nodak Mutual Insurance in Washburn. It was also decided that the county weed and pest would be moved to the Garrison Highway Shop for the time. Commissioners believed both parties could make the move by May 1 after all the equipment has been cleaned and moved. Commissioners still had questions about the contract for the cleaning bid and decided to table it until the next regular meeting, which is April 19.

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