July 11, 2012

Couple turns to next intriguing chapter of life

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Jack and Judy Eichhorst are the kind of people that you hope you run into when you’re  waiting for your bus. If you’ve ever sat down and heard the stories that Jack and Judy can tell, you’d think you were sitting with Forrest Gump. That’s only  true for the fact that it seems these two have been in places and seen things of major significance in our countries history. The difference is, these two didn’t stumble upon great moments by accident. They knew they were there by God’s hand to play an intellectual and spiritual  role right there on the front line. You may know the Eichhorsts for their family farm north of Washburn overlooking the town of Falkirk. The lovely spot was built up by Jack’s grandfather in 1914. That same year, they started the Falkirk Elevator and incorporated the city. Jack recalls that his grandfather didn’t want to have to haul his grain to Washburn or other neighboring towns when it could be done right next to home. The house that stands on that farmstead was built in 1930 by Jack’s parents. The bedroom that he and Judy sleep in is the very place that Jack was born. Judy was born in Wisconsin and raised in Oregon. It’s the farm in Falkirk that the couple has lived on for the last 14 years and will be leaving shortly. They recently sold their property and will be relocating to St. Cloud, Minn., a place they used to call home.

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