January 11, 2012

Courthouse Construction catching up with dry weather

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The new McLean County courthouse is rising up smoothly alongside the Law Enforcement Center and current courthouse. The first floors of the courthouse are sealed and heated, allowing workers to begin interior work while the top floor is taking shape with the arrival of trusses. The interior and exterior drain fields are now in place, an important part of the drainage plan that should help keep the courthouse free of water. The combination of rain and moisture in the ground caused some wet conditions as the heat has come on at the ground level. Construction crews work around that using dehumidifiers at this stage. Electricity is going in as the work allows by Edling Electric. Concrete was planned to be poured in the first floor last week. Thursday and Friday had some gusty conditions but Capital City Construction crews brought piles of trusses to the roof to start putting them in place by hand. Randy Ganyo, the site foreman, said the roof sheeting should arrive this week to allow for the roof to be covered. Depending on the weather, crews have been able to work in or out of the building. So far weather has allowed for extra time for exterior work. After a wet spring and summer, that’s just what the crew needed.

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