July 29, 2010

Courthouse costs are taking shape

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The pros and cons of keeping the McLean County Courthouse in use just got a little more clear as county commissioners reviewed costs and building options on Thursday. Architect Al Fitterer presented drawings of the options along with an estimated cost of each project including a remodel of the existing courthouse, an addition to the existing courthouse and a new building attached to the Law Enforcement Center. The costs of the projects could change depending on cleanup costs and demolition, which would be associated in any of the projects. Costs included; 1. Renovation of existing: $6.1 million; 2. Addition to 1963, 66, 03 additions: $4. 5 million; 3. New building: $5 million. States Attorney Ladd Erickson estimated in another $500,000 for each project to cover possible cleanup costs.

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