November 5, 2009

Dakota Farms to reopen in the spring

By Alyssa Schafer

OK, so "Fall 2008" was a bit ambitious, but Dakota Farms will be open for business in a few months. After sitting empty for over two years, the restaurant should be up and running by the spring, said Dakota Farms Family Restaurant owner Shil Patel. Contrary to some rumors that have circulated over the years, Dakota Farms representatives were trying to find a way to reopen sooner, but insurance snags prevented repairs. "It’s been a massive tragedy for us, too," Patel said. "Being shut down this time has not been good." Dakota Farms has since switched insurance providers. "We don’t know what the hold-up was," Patel said. "There was no rhyme or reason." Dakota Farms closed its doors in July of 2007 after a devastating grease fire completely ruined the structure, said Dakota Farms District Manager Joel Freidt.

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