December 5, 2012

Dancing eight prepared to dazzle

By Michael Johnson, Editor

With flexibility that would make most of us shiver in pain, the Washburn Expressions are stretching their abilities to reach new levels in their dance routines. The team of eight girls is led by coach Gwen Hall and includes a great deal of experience built from last year’s impressive showing. The team includes dancers Brandi Holznagel, Alexis Hetle, Rachel Pflieger,  Angalena Adolf, Nicolletta Cavo, Hailey Schauer, McKenzie Miller and Courtney Hall. Cavo and Pflieiger are brand new to dance but joined in smoothly. “They have done a really good job working together,” Hall said. The group has been working since mid October including attending a camp and having a workshop to prepare. They have been working to have solid routines in hip hop, kick, pom and jazz.

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